Enter the strange but familiar superstitious Roman world of the first century A.D. where Gaius Petronicus, a small landowner, wins a fourteen year old slave girl Justa, who is dressed as a boy to increase her value, in an arena bet from a local corrupt aristocrat Calitorius Temidis.  When Temidis reneges on the bet, Gaius violently forces him to pay.
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About Kenneth Allen

Kenneth Allen became interested in Roman history when he walked to school under the only standing Roman arch in England as a boy. The English school system in Lincoln UK emphasized the Roman conquest of Britannia and the exploits of Julius Caesar. Thus began an interest in this period. As a college student in Georgia, he took trips to Italy and developed a fascination with the excavations at Rome, Ostia, Pompeii, and the wonderful buried city of Herculaneum. Read more

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In the Campanian town of Nolia stood a stone amphitheater. Built of brick and faced with marble one hundred thirty-two years earlier by the first Roman colonists, and it had a long and wellused history. Read more

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